Magento Go Customization & Support

Jace DanielMagento Go is an eCommerce platform used by more than 125,000 merchants. Ideal for small and emerging business with big ambitions, it provides a turnkey solution for anybody looking to build and maintain an online store.

While the Magento Go platform has many benefits, it’s support system can sometimes be daunting at best. Many customers, expecting to have their online store up quickly, often find themselves running into technical pitfalls that lead to wasted time and resources. The result? Frustration, headaches, and even thrown objects.

Enough already. Have you signed up for the Magento Go platform and find yourself confused? Disappointed? Furious? Contact Jace Daniel and let his team of experts set up your Magento Go store the way you want it.


  • Magento Go custom theme customization
  • Magento Go custom theme installation
  • Magento Go social media integration
  • AddThis/ShareThis widgets and apps
  • Image mapping and static boxes
  • Magento Go search results page customization